Super App

Super App
For Real Estate

100% customizable Technology framework for integrated
Real Estate functions / operations.


O U R   C R E D E N T I A L S

1 K+


90 K

Leads Managed


Projects Managed


Technology Integrations

2 Days

To setup & Deploy the software*

O U R   O F F E R I N G S

Fully Integrated Real Estate Technology Solution
Across Customer Buying Lifecycle.

Marketing &
Pre Sales

  •     360° Lead Integration
    All Leads In One Portal - Integrate | Organise | Connect faster. Habytat app allows you to integrate with 100+ lead generation platforms, property portals, and collaboration platforms of your choice.
  •     Lead Management &
    WhatsApp Bot Automation

    Engage leads at every single touchpoint. Automate every aspect of lead management with auto-lead capture, lead nurture & lead qualification. Improved customer experience with WhatsApp and Zero time lag with synchronized messaging across lead touchpoints.
  •     Cloud Telephony & IVR
    Leave no inquiry call unanswered! Cloud telephony & automatic agent call-routing feature enables your sales team to connect with the lead immediately with zero delays
  •     Voice Recordings
    Monitor every interaction with the customer. Deliver the best customer experience by listening to voice recordings between your sales team & customers. Tweak the sales pitch and increase your sales conversions
  •     Channel Partners /
    Brokers Management & Engagement

    Onboard. Collaborate. Close Faster Empower your extended sales team with the right technology tools and increase your sales velocity.
  •     Integrated CP Login | Performance
    tracking | Broker Payment Automation

    Provide exclusively branded Channel Partner connect login portal and track their performance. Automate payments based on the site visit aribution
  •     Design Brokerage, Rewards Plans
    Based on the Channel Partner performance design brokerage and reward plans.
  •     Customer Interactions Capture
    Don't miss out on any interaction with your customer. Record every touchpoint to analyse the customer buyer journey
  •     Unit Locking, Booking & Inventory Management
    Gain visibility at every stage of the inventory booking process. Access 500+ pre-loaded inventory project details from anywhere anytime & get real-time inventory availability updates.
  •     Sale Accounts Management
    A comprehensive way to manage all sale accounts right from unit booking during site visits to demand note generation.
  •     Legal - RERA & other Documents
    Digitally manage all your documents like agreements, allotment leers, legal, etc. Upload, Manage & e-sign documents and share them with customers
  •     Revenue & Cash flow projections
    With real time inventory booking, payment options & sales team performance it’s quite easy to project revenue & cashflows.
  •     Realtime MIS & Reports
    Derive insights and take informed decisions from automated lead generation reports,sales team performance, revenue generation & pipeline analysis reports

Sales &
Post Sales

W I T H   H A B Y T A T   C U S T O M E R S   S E E


Increase in
Sales closure rates


Increase in
Sales Revenue


Data Security & Privacy


Sales Team Efficiency


  •     Auto Demand Notes / Invoices
    Automate demand note / invoice generation based on the milestone project progress.
  •     Progress Photos & Payment Milestones
    Share real estate progress photos with customers by maintaining transparency & build closer relationships. Generate demand notes & Send payment milestone reminders to customers
  •     Multi-Tier Payment Reminders
    Set multi-tier payment reminders for your customers and send notifications over whatsapp, email and SMS etc
  •     Customer Unit wise login
    Separate login for every customer to view their unit progress photos and milestone updates.
  •     Document Management System
    Habytat customer app lets your customers have a digital copy of every document in the cloud infrastructure.
  •     Change Request Management
    Send real-time site updates to customers and in turn capture, customers' change requests using Habytat's customer app.
  •     Digital Handover & Snag Updates
    Enhance your customer experience and dierentiate your brand with digital handover and snagging processes.

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O U R   C U S T O M E R S   L O V E   U S


Founder - Fair Deal Real Estate
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  •     Realtime Snag Updates
    Keep a check on your quality with realtime snag updates as photos from your ground force with detailed comments.
  •     360 Feedback loop (Technical <> Engineering <> CRM)
    Automatically reduce construction errors with continuous feedbacks from Engineering, Technical & CRM teams.
  •     Customer Change Request Automation
    Capture, Record, and Act on any change request feedback from customers with zero manual interference.
  •     Handover Management
    Provide a smooth handover experience to customers right from demand note generation, payment collection to possession documentation.
  •     Contractor Quality Audit & Performance
    Measure & audit your contractors and sub-contractors quality & performance based on real time snag reports from your engineering team.

Quality Control
Handover & Snagging

Project Management

  •     DLR / DPR & Task Managment
    Create, manage & track all real estate projects, labor reports, and tasks for your ground workforce. Generate Detailed Project Reports, Labour Reports in one go.
  •     Procurement & Material Management
    Record your inventory In / Out logs with vendor & material expenditures invoices.
  •     Raise Indent & Approvals
    Raise indents to notify material requirements and set multi level material approval system for eicient forecast of supply and demand.
  •     Contractor Management
    Onboard & manage contractors, sub-contractors, labours etc.
  •     Budgeting, Billing & Vendor Payments
    Pre-plan your budgets based on vendor payments & material inventory cost history Automate all payment billing & collections with payment gateways like UPI etc
  •     Scheduling & Progress Tracking
    Schedule tasks, material inventory movement, construction equipment utilization, and track project progress updates.
  •     Realtime Project Snapshot & MIS
    Generate 360 real-time project update snapshots with interactive dashboard.


Unlike other technology companies that have no clue about the real estate industry, at Habytat we come with a deep understanding of Real estate and technology.

Our superpower is we understand the Real Estate business systems, and process very well and try to leverage our technological expertise that automates most of your operations and increase your sales performance and productivity by 4X.


Are you looking for a customized technology solution tor your real estate needs but not able to find it here,
don't worry we’ve got you covered.