"Real Estate Lead Management with WhatsApp Integration"

In the bustling real estate industry, Century Real Estate Holdings, a renowned large-scale developer based in Bangalore, India, faced a pressing challenge. Their pre-sales team was inundated with a high volume of leads, leading to manual and often unproductive efforts. They struggled to qualify leads, schedule site visits, and provide timely project information. The company sought to automate lead qualification, streamline site visit scheduling, and integrate seamlessly with Salesforce CRM. Enter Habytat, the solution to their predicament.


Century Real Estate Holdings is a formidable player in the real estate sector, known for its extensive portfolio of large-scale projects. Based in Bangalore, India, they cater to a diverse clientele seeking high-quality residential and commercial properties.

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Problem Statement

Century Real Estate Holdings grappled with manual lead qualification, inefficient site visit scheduling, and delayed lead responses. Their aspiration was to instantly qualify leads based on various criteria, schedule and reschedule site visits effortlessly, send project information, and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CRM.


Habytat's solution was nothing short of transformative. We implemented a WhatsApp Business Account, meticulously set up Century Real Estate as a verified Meta account, and crafted customized, dynamic WhatsApp templates with compelling CTA buttons. Additionally, we designed a chatbot with FAQs, schedulers for site visits and reminders, and ensured real-time data synchronization with Salesforce CRM. This comprehensive solution streamlined lead management and engagement.


Over the course of more than two months, we fine-tuned our approach, extensively re-scripted proven templates to maximize WhatsApp chat conversion, and integrated deeply with Salesforce data while maintaining stringent security measures.

Results and Benefits

The results were astounding. Lead qualification and conversions soared, site visits were maximized, and customer satisfaction reached new heights. Unattended leads became a thing of the past, thanks to the efficient automation of lead management. The presales team's efficiency skyrocketed, and the chatbot model was successfully replicated for future luxury projects.

Testimonials or Quotes

"Habytat's WhatsApp integration revolutionized our lead management. We now have instant lead qualification, faster conversions, and happier customers. It's been a game-changer for Century Real Estate." - [Client Name, Title, Century Real Estate Holdings]


This case study showcases how innovative WhatsApp integration can transform lead management in the real estate sector, resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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