In simpler terms, Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a technology platform that makes it easier to manage a brand's relationship with its existing and potential clients.

The significant differences are the features and customization available. Generic CRMs cater to a variety of industries. In contrast, a real estate CRM like Habytat empowers teams to address operational issues in an easy manner.

A CRM like Habytat increases the chances of lead conversion owing to its automation features. It automatically captures leads across all aggregators, scores them based on interactions, sends automated drip marketing campaigns based on the lead's interaction stage, this has an impact on sales. Reminders on follow-ups are very helpful for sales executives. Therefore, this ensures that a quality lead is contacted with the right messaging at the right time, thus increasing its conversion chances.

Yes. Habytat automatically captures leads across all traditional platforms like Facebook, Google Ads and more only if the API's are provided.

Yes. Habytat is a single platform that has an automated Round-Robin process at the pre-sales stage. This helps the channel partners to identify qualified sales leads.

A pre-sales is then assigned to a newly generated lead, which recognizes the essential need of the leads. If the requirement matches the set criteria, the pre-sales executive ranks them as hot, cold, warm or unqualified based on the interaction.

Absolutely. Habytat employs an Amazon Security system, which protects your valuable data from physical and cyber breaches.

Yes. A real estate developer can provide limited dashboard access to its channel partners to monitor the leads. It helps to avoid disputes around lead-source acknowledgement.

Yes, Habytat has an API available to integrate with any platform.

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