Revolutionizing Real Estate

Revolutionizing Real Estate: How Habytat's Innovative Solution Transformed Shriram Properties Site Visit Sales Operations Efficient.

Shriram Properties, a prominent player in the real estate industry based in Bangalore, India, faced a significant challenge. With over 10 projects spread across four cities, they struggled to manage and streamline the massive crowds at their weekend project launches. Their goal was to improve site visit conversions to bookings while internally optimizing their sales operations and enhancing customer experiences.

Shriram Properties

Shriram Properties, a large-scale real estate developer with a portfolio of more than 10 projects pan India, is known for its commitment to delivering quality homes to its customers. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Shriram Properties has earned a reputation for innovation and excellence in the real estate industry.

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Shriram Properties faced a dual challenge: effectively managing the overwhelming crowds at their project launches every weekend and optimizing their sales operations. They needed a solution that would not only streamline sales executives but also track the entire customer site visit experience, from initial meet and greet to exit. Additionally, they aimed to digitize customer requirements, implement a queuing system for customer-sales interactions, ensure the allocation of the right sales executive to matching customer profiles, and synchronize all data with Sales Force CRM in batch processes at the end of each day.


To address these challenges, Shriram Properties partnered with Habytat, a leading innovator in real estate software solutions. Habytat's solution was the implementation of the Site Visit Sales Operations App. This comprehensive mobile application utilized real-time database technology to provide an offline experience, even in areas with zero internet connectivity, and efficiently synchronized data with Sales Force CRM in batch processes daily.

Results and Benefits

Over an engagement spanning more than 18 months, Shriram Properties experienced remarkable improvements. Site visit conversions soared, resulting in delighted customer experiences. The queuing system eliminated unattended customers due to large footfalls, and sales efficiency improved significantly. Additionally, Shriram Properties witnessed enhanced sales team performance, streamlined curation of customer requirements, and the automatic allocation of sales executives based on customer profiles, leading to more productive sales conversations. The solution also provided real-time analytics and metrics, enabling remote tracking of pan-India operations.

Testimonials or Quotes

According to Shriram Properties' spokesperson, "Habytat's Site Visit Sales Operations App revolutionized our approach to site visits. We saw a remarkable increase in conversions, and our customers' site visit experiences have never been better. The solution streamlined our operations and gave us valuable insights through real-time analytics."


Shriram Properties' collaboration with Habytat resulted in significant improvements in site visit conversions, operational efficiency, and customer experiences. This transformative journey underscores the power of innovative solutions in the real estate industry.

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