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Revolutionizing Real Estate: How ELV Projects Transformed Channel Partner Operations

ELV Projects, a prominent real estate developer based in Bangalore, India, faced significant challenges in managing and onboarding channel partners while effectively communicating commission details and avoiding lead conflicts. They sought to enhance channel partner onboarding, streamline documentation processes, and improve overall efficiency.

ELV Projects

ELV Projects needed a solution to improve channel partner onboarding, streamline documentation uploads, and allocate leads more efficiently. They also wanted to track customer site visits and measure the performance of channel partners and CP managers.

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Habytat provided ELV Projects with a customized Whitelabelled Channel Partner Mobile App, integrated seamlessly with LeadSquared CRM. This solution allowed ELV Projects to onboard over 150 channel partners and manage thousands of qualified leads effectively. It also streamlined documentation uploads, allocation of sales executives, and real-time data synchronization.


The project spanned more than three months and involved the development and implementation of a channel partner mobile app with real-time database technology. This app seamlessly synced data with LeadSquared CRM, ensuring efficient lead management.

Results and Benefits

The transformation was remarkable. ELV Projects experienced improved site visit conversions, enhanced customer experiences, and eliminated unattended customers due to large footfalls, resulting in a significant increase in sales efficiency. Additionally, channel partner and manager performance improved, and the company could now curate customer requirements with lead information, allocate sales executives accurately, and provide real-time analytics to track channel partner performance.

Testimonials or Quotes

"Habytat's solution has revolutionized our channel partner operations. We now have real-time insights, better customer engagement, and increased sales efficiency. It's been a game-changer for ELV Projects." - [Client Name, Title, ELV Projects]


ELV Projects' success story demonstrates how a tailored CRM solution can drive efficiency and profitability in real estate operations.

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